Stockton, Alabama

Stockton’s Points of Interest

Designated by the Baldwin County  Commission, this 367 area site on Highway 225 in Stockton, is dedicated to preserving the county’s rich a culture.  Offering a unique family experience and providing a hands on opportunity to learn about the county’s history.  When complete, the park will house a museum, an 18th c. Native American settlement,  a 19th c. American village, an 1840’s working farm, and much more. 

Baldwin County Bicentennial Park

Mobile/Tensaw Delta is the Nation’s 2nd largest  river delta and 3rd largest estuary.  Site of Bottle Creek Indian Mounds, the 2nd largest in State and part of  Alabama’s first Scenic River Trail.   Offering 35,795 acres of Wildlife Management Areas, Nature Preserves and Recreational Areas. 

Mobile/ Tensaw Delta

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Stockton Memorial Cemetery (early 1800’s)

This cemetery dates back to the early 1800’s, containing the burial sites of many of those who settled in Stockton in the 1700’s.  The Aikin family gave this piece of land already containing early grave sites, for a community cemetery which  was later chartered with the State of Alabama in 1934—the present Stockton Memorial Cemetery.

Morris Working Farm & Oldest Barn in AL    

This farm features the original outdoor food pantry and smoke house.  The old dipping vat used long ago by many in the area, has been restored and is in operational condition.  Another original building that is on the property is the servant’s house.  Very unique itself.  The main house is complete with antiques that are in keeping with the late 1800, early 1900 period of the structure.

Home of William Bartram’s Evening Primrose

Alabama’s Bartram Canoe Trail

Found mainly around Stockton, this plant was discovered in 1778 a few miles above “Tensa” by William Bartram, America’s First native born artist-naturalist.  This lovely yellow flower, native to North Baldwin growing only in its rich marshlands, opens in August-Sept. evening hours and is gone by noon the next day.

The Delta's 200-mile-long Bartram Canoe Trail is one of the longest in the United States. It offers canoeists and kayakers 13 different routes to choose from, including three routes with floating campsites, and is the easiest way to see some of the most incredible wildlife in the country.

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Home of Stagecoach Café

Stagecoach Café beckons you to step back in time when life moved at a much slower pace. Enjoy our daily buffet of home style meats and vegetables and relax in the rocking chairs on our front porch. You are also welcome to explore the many historic old homes and... more


Stockton Also Offers the Following Additional Attractions:

Part of Bartram Bicycle Trail


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