Stockton, Alabama

Additional Points of Interest in Surrounding

Stockton, Alabama is truly the gateway to historic North Baldwin County.  Within a few minutes in any direction, you can be in other nearby communities where additional historical sites and points of interest can be found.

Travel north on Highway 59 to the following communities:

Travel west on County Road 47 and find:


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Historic Latham Post Office, c.         

Red Hill Spring:     

 Historic Ferguson House, c.

 Ferguson House, c.                                                                          

Historic Creole Reynolds House, c.



While traveling through Tensaw on way to his trail for his killing of Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr’s party stopped here for water and rest.    

Aaron Burr Spring Site, c. 1807:             

Historic Montgomery Hill Baptist Church and Cemetery,  c. 1854:

Oldest standing Church in the county.

Fort Montgomery Site, c. 1814:                                                   

Mims-Warren House, c. 1820-40:

Slaughter House, c.                                                                                    

Old English House, c.

Battle of Fort Mims Annual Reenactment:  Last weekend in August

Lottie Community:


Chambless-Biggs House, c.1897: 

Built by Lottie’s first post master. Listed on the Alabama of Landmarks and Heritage.                     

A rare wild habitat type that Is fast disappearing in North Baldwin.  These carnivorous plants obtain their nutrients by capturing and “eating” various insects.  

Alabama’s first farm winery featuring a gift shop with wine varieties, juices, jellies and vinegars:  also free “Wine Tasting Tours” from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday.                                  

Perdido Community:


Nothing fancy.     You can come as you are.

This quaint little county café is located on the bluff over looking the majestic Alabama River, so you may enjoy the scenic view while dining on the most mouth watering Alabama River Catfish you can find anywhere.  Open only on the weekends for the noon and dinner meals on Friday and Saturday.  On Sundays they are open for the lunch meal only.  If “fresh” local catfish, is not what you are seeking, don’t worry, they offer a full menu just as enticing.

Dining here is a must if you are anywhere in the area, and well worth the drive, if you or not.

Graves of William Weatherford and his mother, Sehoy, Creek Princess of the Wind Clan.

Little River Community:   

Blacksher Community:    First known as Montpelier


Cantonment Montpelier Site, c. 1817-1821: 

Built for bivouacs and training on David Tate’s plantation after the Mim’s attack.

Montpelier Methodist Church, c. early 1900’s                        

David Tate Plantation Site and Frank Earle House, c. early 1800s:        

Site where Andrew Jackson resigned his Army commission after defeating the British in New Orleans.     

Located on the causeway in Spanish Fort, Alabama, Five Rivers provides a great way to enjoy and learn about our Delta.  Offering  outdoor recreation, conservation education and land stewardship in the vast Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Many do not realize that this delta is the second largest river delta system in the continental United States or that it is Alabama’s largest federally designated National Natural Landmark. Within the 80-acre complex are seven buildings, each with its own approach to telling the great history of the Delta.

Five Rivers Delta Resource Center:                                    


Blakely Community:

Travel south on Highway  225 to see:

The largest National Register Site east of the Mississippi River, 3800 acres. Once home to a prehistoric Indian civilization, followed by the French and Appalachee Indians, then to a Federal style seaport as a result of the Second War of Independence, and finally to the last major battle of the Civil War.  Here you can enjoy approximately 5 miles of Civil War fortifications, or hike down to the river to enjoy many of the plants and wildlife offered by the Delta. 









Containing the only known grave of a Revolutionary War Soldier in Baldwin County, Zechariah Godbold, as well as the graves of early local residents.         

Take a cruise in the Delta:  Trips are offered once a month.

Historic Fort Mims State Memorial Park: 

Fort Pierce and Pierce Mills Site, c. 1789-1811

Site of the first public school in Alabama, 1799

Rabun Community:

Brick military hospital built after the Fort Mims attack.

Oldest standing house in Baldwin County.

Tensaw Community:

Site of the 1813 Indian Massacre.

Nephew of William Weatherford, and the first Indian to attend and graduate from West Point.

David Moniac/Driesbach House:  c. 1800:

A quaint artesian well producing 2,400 gallon of water per hour.

Latham Community:

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